Vibrating Higher - Part I: Diet

Hmmm…alright.  So where do I begin? At the start of the year one of my very dear friends (I call her family) talked me into switching to an alkaline diet for thirty days.  I remember thinking, “Noooo this is going to be the worst thing ever! I’m never going to make it through this!” but with the patience and coaching of her and a few other friends, I survived. Not only did I survive but can I tell you how amazing I felt. I was no longer bloated all the time. I wasn’t tired all the time. I felt energized. I wasn’t constantly getting headaches. I just knew then and there that I needed to make some drastic changes in my diet. So the thirty days passed. I survived. So I figured let me stick to this diet. I did, however incorporate fish back into my diet and I’m not going to lie I did break a few times and ate chicken during a super bowl party (Bad idea. Horrible) and I have indulged in a slice or pizza here and there but I quickly felt the results of those moments of weakness. I even stopped drinking as much as I used to. Go figure. I’ll have a drink every now and then (I can actually count the amount of times on one hand) but I have to say I hate the way my body feels the day after.

The thirty days really just kick started an entire change in my diet. I quit eating meat but I’m currently still eating fish.  I’ve remained steadfast in that I have been staying away from eggs and dairy. But recently, after much research it clicked to me that our bodies take on the souls of what we eat and after all MY body is the temple that nourishes MY soul. SO! I’ve decided to start a vegan diet in April (my birthday month). I know you’re asking, ‘why April’? Well…last year for my birthday I decided to start my natural hair journey. I transitioned for a year and in April I did the “big chop”.  So I thought it was only fitting to make this change during the month of my birthday. That being said I’m now more conscious of what I’m putting in and on my body. I’m going to start with a vegan diet and slooooooowly transition to a vegan lifestyle.  You’ll notice some of my posts include recipes with dairy products and meat but these are older recipes that I pulled from my previous wordpress blog. You’ll start to see me posting more vegetarian and vegan recipes and beauty products.

I’m not saying any of this to convert anyone or make anyone feel bad about what they eat. I’m just saying what has been working for ME.

Now my change in diet is only a small piece of this wellness journey I've been on. I have adopted an overall healthier lifestyle both nutritionally and spiritually. Which I think the two go hand in hand but I will save that for my next diary post.  : )

Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, DIY projects, and food. Hope you enjoy!