Update: Vegan or Plant Based Diet?

Earlier this month I shared a post about my change in diet towards veganism so I wanted to share a quick update with you guys.  My journey has definitely been a process and I am still working on it.  However, I have to say I've had some challenges.  Although I have made an attempt to eliminate animal products from my diet, I have slipped up a few times.  I’ve had seafood twice….and I have had eggs a few times….and I have had a slice of cheese pizza or two orrrr three.  Ugh! Pizza is my weakness!  I knew cheese would be a challenge for me. Oh! And honey! HONEY!  I never thought honey would be so difficult to eliminate!

Throughout my journey there are two apps that have helped me tremendously; Is it Vegan? and VeganXpressIs it Vegan? Allows you to scan the UPC code on the package of any food or beverage product and it will tell you if the product is vegan, vegetarian, or neither.  VeganXpress is a quick on-the-go guide that will tell you what’s vegan at popular chain restaurants.

But you know what, despite the slip ups I am very proud of myself.  I’ve been doing a lot better than expected.  I think the key for me if that I don’t look at it as “I can’t eat this” or “I can’t eat that”.  It’s a choice that I’m making.  I am human and I’m definitely not going to beat myself up over a couple bites of crab cake or a few slices of pizza.  I have eliminated meat completely and that is something I NEVER thought I could do.  So…I’m still a work in progress.  I’ll still get pizza but now I will order it without cheese.  I think the misconception about veganism is that if you eliminate meat, seafood, eggs and dairy from your diet then you’re vegan.  That’s what I thought anyway.  After doing research, I've learned that veganism is much MUCH more than that.  You have to consider honey, beeswax, and gelatin to name a few.  GIRL! It’s deep.   So now I hesitate to say vegan.  I’ll say plant based diet even though I HATE the idea of having to be categorized into one specific diet.   

Here are some lessons I’ve learned:

  1. Veganism is much more than no meat, seafood, dairy and eggs.

  2. Shit is difficult. BUT don’t beat yourself up if you’ve slipped up.  Just get yourself back on track and think of all of the great health benefits your new diet will provide you.

  3. Plan ahead of time.  Look at restaurant menus before you go.  Check out VeganXpress app to help guide you. 

  4. Eat before social gatherings! If you’re going to a social gathering and you’re not sure if there will be anything that falls into your diet.  Eat something before you go or pack something you can snack on.

  5. If you feel like any diet is a punishment, scale it back a little bit.  Don't make unrealistic goals for yourself.  Start by eliminating one or two things at a time.

That being said, I haven't given up.  I'm just starting this journey and I think I've even inspired some of the people around me to make some changes in their diet.  Hopefully me sharing my journey will help inspire some of you!

Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, DIY projects, and food. Hope you enjoy!