My IKEA Hack: Benno TV Stand

Here's the thing. We all know how difficult it can be when you're redecorating and your looking for that perfect piece of furniture but nothing you find is quite right. The size isn't right, the color doesn't go with your decor, or the piece you DO find is out of your budget. That was the case with this TV stand. I searched everywhere but I just couldn’t find one that I really liked that was within my budget. I knew I was looking for something with clean lines and something that I could easily transform into exactly what I wanted. So with a little hesitation I turned to Craigslist (I told you my theory about Craigslist) and found this Benno TV Stand for $20!  

One of the great things about Craigslist is that you can buy IKEA furniture without having to deal with the headache of putting it together! I don't know if you've ever purchased any furniture from Ikea that you've head to put together. If you have then you know that shit is no joke. The instructions have no words. It’s basically a couple stick figures and some arrows and really nobody has the time for that.


Side note: Okay I will admit…I am now ADDICTED to Craigslist. It’s bad. I knew there were great things on there but DAMN! Give me pizza, coffee, Craigslist and gold spray paint and I’m convinced I can take over the world.

Supplies from top left: Krylon Gold Metallic Spray Paint, Rust-Oleum 11oz. High-Gloss Spray Lacquer, Ikea TYDA Handle – 5 7/16″, Ikea BESTÅ Leg Square, Ikea BESTÅ Top Panel – Glass White – 47 1/4 x 15 3/4

STEP 2: I knew I wanted the tv stand to be flat on the bottom without that awful panel so with a little help I was able to saw off the bottom panel with a jigsaw.

STEP 3: I also really wanted the stand to have that high gloss finish so I thought the lacquer spray paint would work perfectly. The only thing is that I knew I fingers would pay for it so decided to roll-on a white primer as the base. I did about two coats of primer. After that I finished it off with the Rust-Oleum lacquer spray paint and it gave it that glossy finish I was going after. Once the stand was painted and drying I spray painted the hardware and legs with the Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint.

STEP 4: Next…I measured and drilled the holes for both the handles and leg and attached them. Ikea has this drill template that makes measuring for knobs and handles so easy. I’ve also used it to measure the space for my curtain rods. Plus it’s only $2.

STEP 5: To finish everything off I placed the glass panel on top of the tv stand. Of course I did. The glass just so happened to fit on top of this stand even though it is a part of the BESTÅ series. I love how it gives the stand a more finished look.

Done and Done. This was probably one of the easiest refurb pieces I’ve done to date. What are some of your IKEA hacks?

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