DIY Campaign Style Dresser

Here is the thing, I don't wear color often. My wardrobe consists of black, white, various shades of grey and some other neutrals. It's so bad that on the rare occasion I do wear color people are always like, "You look different today. Did you do something different?" and I’ll usually respond, “No I'm just wearing color.” in my Daria voice (90's pop culture reference.  Google it).  I'm working on it though.

SO! Since I don't incorporate much color in my wardrobe, I try to incorporate little pops of color in my life in one or two of the following ways:

  1. Nail polish: I have an unhealthy obsession with nail polish. I even installed one of those large display nail polish racks in my closet like the ones you see at the nail salon. It's bad.
  2. Home décor

Which brings me to this lovely gem...

A couple years ago I set out to redecorate my apartment and I absolutely fell in LOVE with campaign furniture. I searched high and low for the perfect dresser. I looked online, at yard sales and local antique stores but it seemed like the few pieces I came across were $600 and up. For one dresser?!  No ma'am.

Anyway just as I was feeling defeated, I came across a tutorial for a DIY campaign dresser. So there it is. I figured “f –it”.  Why not try to recreate my own unique piece? So with a little primer, Behr – High Gloss Enamel in Mint Hint, brass corner pieces and some elbow grease I managed to recreate the classic campaign look.

What You’ll Need:

  • Furniture of your choice. If you already have a piece at home that could use a facelift, go for it! I found this dresser with the hardware on craigslist for only $40. If your piece doesn't have Campaign style hardware, you can find a few different styles on amazon.

  • Fine grit sander. I previously painted this dresser twice and I think because I used a latex based paint I was able to just peel the older layers of paint off. Because of this, sanding was so necessary. I think it’s also great to just get any little imperfections out as well as help the paint adhere to the furniture.
  • Behr Primer – I just bought one of those samples for like $2 or $3. I did about 2 coats of primer.

  • 1 quart high gloss enamel – I used Benjamin Moore Mint Hint. I did 3 coats of paint to get the finish I wanted.
  • Paint brush

  • Mini paint roller - I use the foam roller for cabinets. It gives a smoother finish

  • 6 packets of corner brackets (they come in a set of 4), You can find them at Home Depot or on amazon
  • Drill

After peeling the old paint off and sanding

After 2 coats of primer

Yes...I understand it’s only mint green. The color isn’t anything crazy but what can I steps. In my defense I initially painted this same dresser bright red and then navy blue, so I think I deserve a break.

Good luck!!

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